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Discover the Colon Cleansing Diet

The section of the large intestine called the colon is till date one of the least under stood and mainly misconstrued part of the human body in spite of being one of the most important parts.

The well-being of the colon affects your health in general and consuming many unhealthy foods can affect the wellness of your colon causing many unwanted health problems unknown to you. It is not easy to apprehend but it just might be time for you to opt for a colon cleansing diet.

The causes that lead to problems in your colon are many and hence it is important that you are careful while choosing your colon cleansing diet. Recently doctors have agreed that the phrase "death starts in the colon" is absolutely true despite how worrying it is to stress on the importance of the functions, the colon performs in our bodies.

This should serve to remind people that the reasons almost 50% of Americans suffer from digestive problems and bowel disorders are the result of prolonged negligence of the colon.

As the human anatomy will show, the colon is the biggest segment of the large intestine being about 3 inches in width and 6 feet in length.

The remains of the food that has been digested in the small intestine, moves into the large intestine where the major part of absorption takes place and finally into the colon. Here water is absorbed, together with the left over bits of nutrients and waste matter is formed which then passes out of the body.

The colon is equipped for its own up keep provided the concerned person's diet includes sufficient amounts water, fiber, fruits, and vegetables. Consuming large amounts of processed food that are high in saturated fat and low on water and fiber will leave traces that adhere to the walls of the colon.

This causes constipation as these wastes accumulates and hardens reducing the width of the colon making the passage of bowels much more difficult. Another net result is that a smaller area of the colon is available for absorbing nutrients and so there are increased chances of toxins accumulating in the body and entering your bloodstream.

Moreover, this kind of deposition on the walls of the colon is unhygienic and can cause further health problems as this renders the colon susceptible to bacterial, yeast or parasitic infections. Hence, if you are to maintain a healthy lifestyle it is of utmost importance that you clear out waste matter from your colon.

There are quite a large number of people worldwide who have realized the importance of a healthy colon and have taken to colon cleansing as a way to remove accumulated waste matter from the walls of the intestines.

There are a number of equally effective therapies that are available. Some of these are easy home remedies while others are clinical procedures. There are also certain scientifically recommended allopathic or natural tablets or capsules that can be used. But the effectiveness of these programs depends to a large extent on your diet while undergoing such treatment.

Colon Cleansing Diet tips:

Here are some tips that you should keep in mind while selecting your diet during a colon treatment:

Choose foods that have a lot of fiber added with big serving of fruits, vegetables, and nuts to help boost your energy levels. Or you could opt for a solids-free juice-only diet.

By all means, keep away from junk, fried, and processed foods, as they are oily and contain a lot of fat. Avoid red meat at all costs. These foods can sabotage your entire cleansing program.

Liquids that dehydrate the body should also be avoided as they have adverse effects on r colon cleansing routine.

Every form of alcohol, coffee, fizzy drinks, and sodas should be banned from your diet. It is better if you can adhere to plain water. Water is the universal solvent and will help and assist the colon cleansing process. Lemonade can also be another great alternative to liquids.


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