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18 Jul 2017

Do Saunas Or Steam Rooms Help For Weight Loss?


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Posted By Jess J.

Saunas and steam rooms are good for the health of an individual for a great many reasons. Many health experts agree that regular use of a sauna can help detoxify the body, improve blood circulation, and improve the energy and mental state of an individual. When saunas were first introduced, they were used primarily for relaxation of muscles and relieving the stress and tension that build up throughout life. Many people are still incredulous about the reported weight loss through sauna and steam rooms use. But the question that many individuals are asking is can saunas or steam rooms really help with weight loss. Many individuals believe that you can lose weight by sitting in a sauna for a set period of time each day while many others believe that this is an urban myth created by individuals who didn't want to exercise. So which individuals are correct? Surprisingly, both are.

Using a sauna for rapid weight loss has been investigated by many different health professionals throughout the years to see whether it is possible. The almost universal opinion is that the use of a sauna does not help an individual lose a great deal of weight rapidly. While it is true that the individual will weigh slightly less when their session in the sauna is over, this minor weight loss is due to the reduction of water weight in the body. The sauna helps you get rid of this extra salt and thereby gets you rid of the water weight that you have gained.When an individual is in a sauna, they are perspiring constantly, which removes a great deal of water from the body in the form of sweat. This loss is temporary, for as soon as the individual eats or drinks anything, the fluids in the body will be replaced and the individual will weigh as much as they did previously.

Using a sauna to help with gradual weight loss is much more effective. By using the sauna in combination with diet and exercise, the individual stands a good chance of losing weight and keeping the weight off. This occurs for several reasons. One reason is that a session in the sauna helps the body sweat and remove toxins from the body. This helps the individual feel healthier and magnifies the results achieved with diet and exercise. The better the individual feels, the more apt they will be to stick with their diet and exercise regiment.

Another way that the sauna helps with weight loss is by relaxing the body after an exercise session. One of the biggest reasons why individuals quit exercising is because muscles can feel tight and uncomfortable after the workout is over. Sitting in a sauna for 30 minute relaxes the muscles and helps keep them flexible after the workout, which will make individuals more inclined to return for another exercise session. The heat from the sauna also improves blood circulation to the muscles, giving them the oxygen and nutrients that they need to repair themselves quickly and make them stronger.


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